As per usual at this time of year the Brasscock brings you his annual festive quiz designed for all the family. 

Round One

1. Who was the first Christian martyr?

2. In which country was the metric system first introduced?

3. How many black notes are there on a standard piano?

4. The backbone is a flexible chain of how many bones?

5. Who, allegedly, murdered a quarter of the human race?

6. Which part of the eye determines its colour?

Round Two

1. Who is the chief god of Norse mythology?

2. To which day of the week does he give his name?

3. Ailurophobia is a fear of what?

4. Which North African city has a major city has the meaning ‘White House’?

5. The sea parrot is often known by what other name?

6. The more familiar name for the mandible is?

Round Three

1. Which Russian leader introduced glasnost and perestroika?

2. Where did the Greek gods live?

3. What race of people inhabits Northern Scandanavia?

4. What is the equivalent in Fahrenheit of 100 degrees Celsius?

5. If you were using the Beaufort scale what would you be measuring?

6. Who played Father Dougal (as in Fr. Ted)?

Round Four

1. If you consulted the OED what reference would you be looking up?

2. Ergophobis is a fear of what?

3. Slane Castle is in which Irish County?

4. The Great Priory at Kells is in which Irish County?

5. What would you find in a vespiary?

6. Who could be regarded as having been a Silent Knight ….sssh – no talking!

Round five sounds like fun in Waterford

1. Sounds like a street for a dip?

2. Is this Road always on top of things?

3. Is this Street a Munster Flanker?

4. Could you drink this street Dry?

5. Sounds like a Big Shot?

6. This one sounds like a political party!

Round Six

1. Cuchulainn belonged to what group of knights of old?

2. A saluki and Sealyham are breeds of what?

3. In what year was Mandela released from prison?

4. What Olympic sport prohibits the wearing of a beard?

5. What do the letters DVD stand for?

6. What’s the only sequel ever to win best picture Oscar?

Round Seven

1. What’s the largest bird commonly found wild in Ireland?

2. Which fish is sometimes called the river wolf?

3. The old(er) Irish Penny- 1d featured what creatures?

4. What’s the most cultivated fruit in the world?

5. What’s the national bird of India?

6. Dickie Bird became famous as a what?

Round Eight

1. What’s the name of the actors’ union?

2. What’s the national language of Iran?

3. What city stands on the banks of the Bosphurus?

4. Siam is the former name of which country?

5. What does a viticulturist grow?

6. 100% proof whiskey contains what percent alcohol?


The Best of luck!

(See answers below)







The Answers

(answers to questions in Views from the Brasscock – above)

R1 – 1 St Stephen, 2 France, 3 35, 4 26, 5 Cain 6 Iris.

R2 – 1 Odin, 2 Wednesday, 3 cats, 4 Casablanca, 6 jawbone.

R3 – 1 Gorbachev, 2 Mt Olympus, 3Lapps, 4 212, 5 wind speed/force 6 Ardal O’Hanlan.

R4 – 1 Oxford English Dictionary, 2 Work, 3 Meath, 4 Kilkenny, 5 Wasps, 6 Sir Charlie Chaplin.

R5 – 1 Bath, 2 Cork, 3 Leamy 4 Canada, 5 Cannon, 6 Green.

R6 – 1 Red Branch, 2 Dogs, 3 1990, 4 boxing, 5 Digital Versatile Disk, 6 Godfather II

R7 – 1 Swan, 2 Pike, 3 Hen and chicks, 4 Apple, 5 Peacock, Cricket umpire

R8 – 1 Equity, 2 Frasi, 3 Istanbul, 4 Thailand, 5 vines/grapes, 6 50%