N15S1Pic1 WHILE most of us are stretching and yawning, fighting with the alarm clock and  attempting to emerge from underneath the duvet, Waterford’s favourite breakfast  duo are wide awake and happily bringing us plenty of early morning banter.
The voices of Timmy Ryan and Karen Tomkins happily chirp into homes and  workplaces across the Deise each weekday morning, helping many Waterfordians  prepare for the long day ahead.
In the highly competitive radio breakfast show market, ‘The Big Breakfast Blaa’ is a  firm favourite among local listeners.
Last week, I sat down with Timmy and Karen to discuss what goes into making the popular show.
Although just after finishing their three hours on-air, the enthusiastic duo were still engaging in their trademark banter.
Timmy first presented the station’s breakfast show back in 1990.
Karen is a relative newbie to the show, having joined in May 2011.
She previously worked in the WLR newsroom but made the transition to breakfast when she returned from maternity leave.
From oven doors to imaginary friends, goldfish to Chester bread, ‘The Big Breakfast Blaa’ can certainly be termed unpredictable.
“We stay flexible so that if we have something lined up but something better comes along, we put the other topic aside and go with what’s hot at the time,” explained Timmy.