While the future of Waterford Regional Airport is still in the balance, a very interesting little story has emerged about Galway Airport which is owned by the City and County Council and currently being used by the local flying club.According to very well placed sources, one of the two biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world, Boeing or Airbus, was interested in leasing the facility without interfering with the activities of the Flying Club.
Representatives of one of the companies made approaches to Independent County Councillor, James Charity, about leasing the airport on a short-term, 18-month basis.

It is said they were prepared to pay a six-figure sum and supposedly needed the airstrip because there is a worldwide shortage of hangar and facilities for helicopters. Councillor Charity is reported as having gone through the proper channels in the County Council but it has turned out that management never officially responded to the company’s approaches. Consequently, the company’s short-term leasing needs in Ireland were facilitated elsewhere.Rightly or wrongly, Councillor Charity has now suggested that the local authority wasn’t interested in negotiating with the aircraft manufacturer because it has other, ambitious plans for the airport. Hmmm, ‘sez’ you, very interesting!