The once famous Ard Ri Hotel derelict and on fire on Sunday evening last.

The once famous Ard Ri Hotel derelict and on fire on Sunday evening last.

As concerns continue to mount over the level of accessibility to the derelict Ard Rí site and its stagnant state of dilapidation, a Facebook page organising a rave at the hotel has gathered almost 2,500 supporters.
Different users of the social networking site have uploaded photographs of the hotel in varying states to the specially created page, with one renaming it the “Ard Rave” hotel.
The page states: “If you know people that would be up for having a rave in the Ard Rí Hotel, please invite your friends to this group and let’s get this rave going.”
Many people who have joined the group have left messages of support, asking when the rave will take place, and what will be organised, with others leaving specific song choice suggestions.
“It’s something we can do if we have enough people,” the page reads, adding that “the cops won’t be able to do anything about it.”
Links to video clips are also included on the page, with one showing a group of skateboarders making new use of the hotel’s dance floor.
Another video on YouTube, filmed during the summer, shows three Waterford supporters calling themselves the “Déise Boys”, singing and dancing their way around the hotel. The video has received almost 10,000 views.
The rave is planned for sometime before the Tall Ships race, but no exact date has been decided.


The extent of the worrying plans come as four units of Waterford City Fire Brigade were called to the hotel last Sunday to tackle a fire which had broken out, with the rooms furthest left on the third floor engulfed in flames.
The fire brigade was alerted to the blaze at 4.15pm, remaining at the scene until 5.30pm.
The incident came in the same week that a City Council meeting heard of the alarmingly easy entry which can be gained to the site.
Ferrybank based Cllr Davy Walsh raised the security issue, saying more and more vandalism was taking place in and around the hotel.
He expressed his dismay at the level of accessibility, saying he himself had driven around it numerous times and was aware of the dangers which existed.
Director of Services Colette Byrne responded saying that the locks on the entrance gates had been changed by the Council numerous times, but they kept being removed.
She said there was very little else that could be done to stop access from being gained.

Notice expires

Meanwhile, the notice which was issued under the Derelict Sites Act allowing the owners of the ruined hotel to carry out relevant work on the wrecked site, expired last week.
Colette Byrne explained that the Council would proceed in taking court action to allow the Council to carry out the work.
Fine Gael Cllr John Cummins expressed concern as to what the actual timeframe for going to court would be, highlighting the importance of acting as soon as possible.
City Mayor Cllr Mary Roche asked Ms Byrne to keep councillors constantly informed of all developments.