Barrier2Pictured are the new barriers which have been installed at Tramore’s Guillamene, the erection of which have proven a source of much local controversy. While it’s been stated that their installation was due to health and safety factors, many in Tramore are aghast at what’s been done to their beloved swimming sport.
In a letter sent to Tramore Town Council, a representative of the ‘Fix Our Guillamene’ Facebook page, which was set up on Friday referred to the “outrage and concern” felt by Tramore residents in the wake of the barrier’s installation. “I would ask that a formal review of this installation be carried out expeditiously under the following areas – Safety, Effect on natural beauty, Effect on tourism and Discouragement of use for this Public Amenity.”
The letter states: “The Facebook page…was set up on Friday morning last and as of Monday morning, February 25th…over 850 people have ‘Liked’ this page in order to voice the shock and anger at both the manner in which the additions were implemented, the complete lack of forethought given to the impact the barrier would have on the area and also the excessiveness of the barrier itself.”