Tramore Town Manager Brian White: ‘not our fault’

Tramore housing estate residents recently left without water due to frozen supply pipes are on the wrong tack in blaming the County Council, according to Town Manager Brian White.
While sympathising with those affected in newer estates, he pointed out at the Town Council’s January meeting that where the estates had not been taken over by the County Council it was the responsibility of the builders and developers concerned to ensure the water flowed. And it was up to the residents to apply pressure for that outcome.
He said there was a gap in people’s understanding of who was responsible. Until the County Council took charge of estates it had no responsibility in the matter, although some Council staff took it on themselves to assist over the Christmas period.
He said there was a backlog in dealing with requests from developers to take charge of estates and the County Council was attempting to deal with that, but it would only take over when the builders had first put everything in order.
Cllr Blaise Hannigan suggested that in some instances builders were not placing stop-cocks sufficiently deep to afford them protection them from freezing. He also advised householders to leave a ground floor tap dripping overnight in times of severe cold weather.