The newly appointed Minister for Social Protection, Mr Eamon O Cuiv, will visit Waterford this Friday to address a job creation conference organised by the go-ahead and innovative management team at the Dunhill Eco Centre.

Determined to take a pro-active approach based firmly on the self-help ideal, the theme of the Conference is ‘How to Create New Enterprises and Jobs in Rural Ireland 2010-2016’.

Also addressing the attendance will be a number of internationally respected job creating and marketing strategists and the conference will hear details of five case studies from around the country by rural communities who have already made significant progress on enterprise development in their own local areas.

Among the impressive list of speakers will be Ms Carlene Weahchock-Moloney, a former senior sales and marketing strategist who headed up the Waterford Crystal marketing team in the US in the 1990s. She is presenting a new, sales and marketing strategy on how quality gift products, made in the South-East Region, will be marketed and sold under a new Waterford brand name in the US. Business leaders consider it a terrific initiative that opens up a range of possibilities in the export field for the South-East.

Italian example

Ms Sarah Fleming from Slow Food International Headquarters in Bra, Italy, will reveal how 100,000 jobs in the food tourism sector were created in the Piedmont Region of Italy following the decline of the Fiat Industry.

Her thesis is that a similar transformation and job creation strategy can be implemented in Ireland and in particular in the South East. Ms Fleming points out that Ireland is even richer in food products including fish, beef, venison, fruit and vegetables, wine and beers, cheeses and poultry. Food tourism is ideally suited to Ireland and the South East region, she insists.

See The Munster Express newspaper for full story.