Pat Fitzgerald

Pat Fitzgerald

Major anomalies in the electoral register in County Waterford have been described as “voter fraud” by a local councillor.

Sinn Fein’s Pat Fitzgerald, who uncovered “shocking inaccuracies” in the in the register of electors in Tramore said a large number of voters had been removed while many more were listed more than once.

Some people were found to be registered up to an incredible FOUR times – but the worst case concerned a HSE-registered nursing home in east Waterford which catered for 54 residents but had 70 names eligible to vote.

Speaking at Monday’s County Council meeting in Dungarvan, the Dunmore man said one could expect some errors in the register because of deaths, emigration and people moving home. But the level of inaccuracy he encountered in the Tramore electoral area was unacceptable and could have implications in the result of an election.

He pointed out that in 2006 the then FF-PD Government introduced new enumeration procedures nationwide for compiling the register of electors which had the effect of disenfranchising large numbers of eligible voters.

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