Burnt Out CarA Waterford couple is to lodge a complaint with the Garda Ombudsman following the robbery of one of their cars from outside their home in the Kilcohan area late last Friday night.
Their action was prompted by their perception of how local Gardaí dealt with the incident, which a local City Councillor described as ‘thoroughly disappointing’.
The car in question was stolen from outside their property at approximately 11.30pm and was found burned out at Saint Herblain Park just 20 minutes later.
A male and female, believed to be in their 20s took the vehicle, with the male having previously entered the couple’s home through the front door which at the time wasn’t locked.
Grabbing a clutch of keys from the hallway (including the other car’s keys), the male eventually entered the car parked on the road outside their home and drove away from the scene.
At the time of the incident, only the wife of the couple in question was present in the property, running outside following the commotion, as the car sped away. The door was unlocked as she expected her husband to return to their home around that time. A call was immediately made to Waterford Gardaí, but it’s the initial reaction of local officers which disappointed both the couple and Fine Gael Councillor John Cummins.
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