Gardaí throughout the region’s divisions will be targeting driving offences during the busy Christmas/New Year period, according to Assistant Commissioner Eugene Corcoran.
“The campaign will target offences such as driving while intoxicated (including ‘drug driving’), speeding, non-use of seat belts and the use of mobile phones,” said Assistant Commissioner Corcoran. “These are the key lifesaver offences.”
He added: “Driver fatigue must also be borne in mind. Motorists are urged that if you feel tired you should pull over to a safe location and rest. Safe driving is predominately a matter of personal responsibility and should be borne in mind at all times when using the roads, in particular over the festive period. As Assistant Commissioner with responsibility for policing the South Eastern Region I appeal to all road users to play their part in helping An Garda Síochána to ensure the safe use of our roads during mains that you should never ever drink and drive.” the Christmas period and the winter months ahead.”
Eugene Corcoran noted that, as of last weekend, there had been 26 fatalities on the region’s roads, which compares with 32 for the same period last year.
“We must remember that road safety is a matter for each and every road user,” he added. “All of us must take responsibility for our conduct on the road in order to ensure the safety of other road users.”
Assistant Commissioner Corcoran concluded: “The Christmas Road Safety campaign will continue to concentrate on intoxicated drivers all day every day. These high risk drivers put everyone’s life in danger. The clear message re