heroin1A Waterford mother has spoken of the daily nightmare of trying to save her 17-year-old daughter from the ravages of heroin addiction.
Her experiences, which she relayed to City Councillor Gary Wyse, illustrate the extent of an escalating social problem facing parents throughout Waterford.
This follows claims made by Cllr Wyse that dealers in the city are offering free cannabis joints laced with heroin to secondary school goers who are unaware of the ‘free’ drug’s exact contents.
The mother, whom we’ll refer to as Jane for the purposes of this story, agreed to share her experiences with Cllr Wyse, who had previously agreed to discuss the issue with The Munster Express.
“She is at the end of her tether,” said Cllr Wyse of Jane. “Sadly for her, she’d already had to deal with a son who was also addicted to heroin, so it’s not the first time she’s been down this road.”
Jane, who has already been forced to pay €10,000 to dealers such is the extent of her daughter’s addiction, has also suffered intimidation from those her daughter owes money to.
See The Munster Express newspaper for full story.