WIT-CarriganoreLeaks from the report by the National Strategy Group for Higher Education this week suggest that Waterford Institute of Technology’s case for university status has not been accepted.
It’s claimed that the group, chaired by Dr Colin Hunt, will instead offer WIT the chance to be designated as a “technology university.”
Commenting on the news, Mayor of Waterford Cllr Mary Roche issued a stern warning to the government not to consider developing what she called “a second class solution” for Waterford.
“What we expect from the Hunt report is nothing less than the ability of WIT – under whatever name or designation – to be able to deliver equality for this region,” she said.
“We will not accept anything that keeps us in the second tier and would not deliver the same operating structure and autonomy as full university status.”
She stressed that WIT must have the remit to deliver inward investment into the region and have the same capacity for research, development and innovation as every other region in the country.
“I want to send out a clear signal that we expect the Hunt Report to deliver nothing less than equality in terms of autonomy and finance for WIT -after that they can call the Institution whatever they like. The name is not important, it is the equality of opportunity for the region, for the city and for future generations that we demand.”
The planned “technology university” proposal is on the condition that stringent criteria are first met.
Labour Deputy Brian O’Shea has once again emphasisied the need for university status for WIT.
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