ImagineSignOn the glorious Wednesaday just passed, albeit only for 24 hours, the word ‘Imagine’ adorned the Mount Misery cliff-face.
The cliff-face in question, located above the Plunkett Station signal box, has been hotly contested by paintbrush-wielding GAA-mad enthusiasts on either side of the county boundary in recent years.
Word had reached The Munster Express of a four-week ‘truce’ that’s been agreed to between the rival Waterford and Kilkenny painting factions, coinciding with the Imagine Arts Festival which kicks off today (Friday).
However, with a ladder clearly visible at the base of the cliff-face on Thursday morning, Mount Misery hadn’t reverted to black and amber or a new sheen of white and blue.
It was going red, well at least half of it was, leading some to suspect that a De La Salle fan had indulged in some handiwork ahead of Sunday’s County Senior Hurling final against Ballygunner.
It’s believed that the ‘Imagine’ art on Mount Misery art was carried out during the twilight of Tuesday evening, with locals once again left craning their necks to establish the cliff face’s latest addition.
Intriguingly, those behind the Imagine festival claim that they’re not responsible for the new message greeting visitors to the city.
“It’s not ours,” said Festival Director Ollie Breslin. “But if it spurs interest in our 10-day long festival which begins this Friday and features over 80 events, all the better.”
And while the slogan came and went in 24 hours, the word made famous by John Lennon certainly got the city talking ahead of the festival’s opening.
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