James McCartan

James McCartan

A pre-election proposal, which would give the people of Tramore a say in electing their Mayor, has been tabled by a local Town Councillor.

The idea, put forward by Independent Council member

, is that the top five vote-catchers, in order, would get the Mayoralty for the five year Council term, with the other four (there are only nine altogether) and the poll-topper automatically becoming Deputy Mayor for one year each.

Cllr McCartan argues: “That would seem a fair way of selecting the town’s first citizen, instead of the current system involving a pact under which five members retain the post between them”. The five are Fine Gael’s Lola O’Sullivan, Ann Marie Power and current incumbent Raymond Hayden, Labour’s Pat O’Callaghan and Independent Joe Conway.

“My proposal would lead to the Mayor, in effect, being elected democratically by the people, instead of a cosy arrangement which could deprive of the honour the person with most public support”, stated the County Down native, co-opted to the Council four years ago in place of Betty Twomey, who resigned at the time.

Cllr McCartan was putting his proposal to Tuesday night’s monthly meeting of the Town Council, but was not optimistic regarding its chances of adoption. “I know I’ll get a measure of support but some of my colleagues will argue against on the basis that the Council’s current membership shouldn’t make a decision on behalf of the new Council, to be elected on June 5”.

“But in answer to that”, he said, “it’s only before an election that such a decision should be made, so that the electorate know the full significance of their vote casting”.

Already on the canvass trail, he said he found on the doorstep a huge desire for change. As part of that change, this would be one way of further empowering the community and enhancing the democratic process, he submitted.