Tramore town councillor Lola O\'Sullivan.

Tramore town councillor Lola O'Sullivan.

The Mayor of Tramore, Joe Conway, has been taken to task by fellow town councillor Lola O’Sullivan for claiming there was widespread support for the proposed Garrarus golf resort project.
At last Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting she challenged the Mayor over his claim to have consulted with the people of the town before lodging with the County Council planning section a submission in favour of the plan.

“I’m not aware of any public meetings you have called to consult on the issue and if you say you are speaking for the people of the town there are at least 200 who disagree with you”, she said in reference to the number of objections lodged with the planning authority. “And you’re certainly not speaking on behalf of the Town Council members because I do not support the development.

“You are entitled to give your opinion, but only as an individual councillor, not as Mayor of the town. Remember you do not represent all of the people”, she lectured.

The Mayor, who never claimed to represent all of the people but simply presented arguments in favour of the project, just thanked Cllr. O’Sullivan for her comments and said he did not wish to inflame the situation by entering into further debate. “The matter is now democratically with the planning authority and I will leave due process take its course”, he stated.

Cllr. Ben Gavin supported both his views on the subject and his right to make a submission as Mayor. “I don’t know where Lola is coming from because Cllr. Conway is entitled to express an opinion as Mayor, as indeed are any of us as councillors or individuals”, he said. “I think the councillor is having a bit of a go”, he added.

Cllr. O’Sullivan had earlier expressed agreement with the contents of a letter from a near neighbour of the Mayor, William Kelly from 29 Roselawn, Tramore.

He wrote that while it was the right of any person to proclaim his or her opinion on any matter, it was highly regrettable to find “our Mayor” going public in favour of the proposed development. And he suggested the whole of the Council should do all in its power to prevent “the desecration of this area of natural beauty”.

He further wrote: “Golf courses are now becoming eyesores, popping up all over the place, destroying the local landscapes. And what will it mean to Tramore? Absolutely nothing. History tells us that the local golf course has meant precious little to our town, so how can another located just four miles out of town be of benefit? If anything, it will be detrimental in as
much as this project will eventually only benefit a small band of fat cats.

“A hotel complex would mean the employment of poorly paid staff, many living-in, who would be able to contribute very little to the financial well-being of the area, with the attendant problems that would bring.

“The cliff views and habitat are of the people and our elected local body should be fighting tooth and nail for the opening up of the area as a public walk and cycleway for the benefit of all – not just a small minority. In addition, open a path following the track of the old railway. This would bring people out in their thousands, encourage a healthier lifestyle and generate business for our town”.