For a weekly saving of a mere €40, Tramore is set to lose four FAS workers who have been engaged in keeping estates clean and boosting the resort’s Tidy Towns prospects.
Exasperated representatives of residents associations from Sweetbriar, Roselawn, Elm Park and Marian Crescent attended the May meeting of the Town Council to air their frustration and seek support for a reversal of the decision.
Mr Dermot Murphy from Roselawn said they were objecting to their estate maintenance being targeted while FAS continued to finance workers for GAA, soccer and other schemes.
Mr Liam Crowe from Sweetbriar said they stood to lose their men at the end of this year. They were being transferred to jobs involving house insulation but false economy was at work if the aim was to save money because the difference between dole benefit and what the men were paid amounted to a total of only €40 a week.
There was general support from the Council members and on the suggestion of Lola O’Sullivan it was agreed to call a special meeting and invite the residents’ representatives and the FAS manager who, said Ann Marie Power, was simply being made do the government’s dirty work in applying the cuts. She added that if the issue needed to be fought at national level, then the local TDs could be called upon.