MichaelGarlandIt was with great disappointment that I learned of Michael Garland’s tenure as Waterford Chamber’s Chief Executive drawing to an all-too premature close in recent weeks. Michael, a Scotsman who has come to love his adopted city in his time as Chamber CEO and during his previous brief at Waterford Castle Golf Club, is a ‘can do’ kinda guy.
That he can combine his amiable disposition with a keen business eye and a civic perspective on Waterford’s future surely means he will be busy with a new project very soon. This city, this county, this region needs more people like Michael Garland, people who wish to focus on what we have, as opposed to what we haven’t and how we can maximise upon that which is already at our disposal.
“Just look at the Estuary, this incredible natural resource, and look at how little we’re doing with it from a tourism perspective,” Michael said.