Adding to its burgeoning reputation for first-of-a-kind innovations in cinema, County Waterford’s leading ‘picture house’ is launching a dedicated subtitled screening service for the deaf and hard of hearing on October 17th.
Dungarvan’s SGC, which was the first cinema outside of Dublin to provide Digital 3D movies, will launch its service for Waterford’s Deaf community in association with Walt Disney Studio’s Irish division.
The new service will be used for the first time in an exclusive screening of Disney Pixar’s ‘UP’, which has already been touted as a potential Oscar winner.
This development was made possible by a series of meetings with Maureen Whittle (Team Leader of – Services for Deaf and Hard of People, south east) and Pat Byrne, representing Waterford’s Deaf community.
“Deaf people right across Waterford have had to travel considerable distances to view subtitled movies up to now,” said SGC General Manager Eugene Tobin. “But this new venture will put a stop to all of that.”
Mr Tobin added: “Our initiative will enable deaf people to see the latest films, properly subtitled, at specially dedicated shows.
“The subtitling, coupled with in-house Audio Loop Sound Systems, will create the perfect environment for proper enjoyment. This subtitling will be available on standard films and we are working hard to have them available in 3D films also.”
Disney Ireland’s Trish Long echoed Eugene Tobin’s sentiments about their new collaboration.
“We are dedicated to making wonderful movies for ALL film lovers,” she said. “And this initiative is to be hugely welcomed as it will ensure access for deaf and hard of hearing people.
“We are very proud to help kick-start this service with a movie as wonderful and heart-warming as ‘UP’…and we look forward to working with SGC Dungarvan on many more innovations.”  
Eugene Tobin concluded: “This new local concept further enhances our position as one of the most progressive cinemas in the county.”