traffic lightDESPITE schools now being closed for the summer holidays, huge traffic problems persist along the Dunmore Road in Waterford City.
As recently reported in The Munster Express, local Councillors have been expressing ongoing concerns over the chaotic traffic volumes along the busy route.
While school traffic represents a significant portion of such traffic at certain times, lengthy delays are still evident along the Dunmore Road despite school children now being on holidays.
Cllr Eddie Mulligan (FF), who resides in the area, has expressed his exasperation that it took almost 10 minutes to travel the short distance between the entrance to Glenville and the Uluru Roundabout one afternoon last week. He believes a number of issues need to be urgently addressed. “The traffic lights at Glenville are red more often than not,” he said.“I’m not an engineer, but I can see that the Uluru Roundabout is the main problem. It’s just not able to take the amount of traffic entering and exiting the shopping centre.” However, after passing the Uluru roundabout motorists can encounter further delays including at the traffic lights by University Hospital Waterford (UHW) and the entrance to Powerscourt as well as at the Oskars Roundabout.
Cllr Mulligan says he also receives many representations regarding traffic lights which are regularly “out of sync” at the turn off for Waterford Castle. One possible solution to alleviate delays caused by traffic lights is to implement a flashing amber system similar to that currently in place by the Millennium Plaza on The Quay. However, the issue of motorists obeying such a system remains an issue.“Amber lights are not treated with the same respect by motorists,” said Cllr Mulligan, who says he has received many representations regarding “near misses” at this area.
Nearby, the Lombard Street junction is also incapable of managing the amount of traffic using it according to Cllr Mulligan. He is calling for the Uluru roundabout to be addressed immediately but also says a long term solution involving the construction of a third bridge is needed.“If you’re not on the road by 7.45am or 7.50am, you could spend a good half an hour sitting in traffic to travel just two miles,” said Cllr Mulligan.“Overall we need a strategic look at the Dunmore Road and long term capital investment plans.” He says the use of one way systems has been successful in other areas of Waterford City including the Manor Street/Poleberry Link Road layout.The use of public transport is another issue which requires attention, according to Cllr Mulligan. He has also reiterated the view of fellow Councillors that a new Outer Ring Road is required from Passage Cross out to the Cork Road.