A resolution I keep breaking is that I continue to occasionally write about health matters despite the fact that I would prefer not to.
As a person with no medical or scientific qualifications, I am always worried about leading readers astray.
So, I never, ever offer advice but I do report what the experts are saying which is sometimes confusing as they often appear to contradict themselves.
However, here are a couple of statistics emerging from a scientific survey involving 3.8 billion people in 186 countries that might surprise you.
We all know that to keep our hearts healthy, we should avoid over indulging on fatty foods like red meat and dairy.
Health experts warn us that animal fats can build up within our heart vessel walls and lead to plaques that can cause heart attacks, strokes and other heart problems. So, fair enough.
However, a new study points out that to really protect against heart disease, you also need to eat more healthy fats, the ones found in plants, nuts and fish.
Doctors found that eating too little vegetable oils contributed to more heart-related deaths than eating too much saturated fats. In fact, only 3.6% of global heart deaths can be attributed to eating too much saturated fat while just over 10% of heart deaths can be traced to eating too little plant oils. Bon appetite!