I recoiled when I read a recent Kilkenny People editorial which lavished praise on ‘their’ Minister, Phil Hogan. Sure isn’t he great fella altogether, making sure Saint Luke’s Hospital gets looked after and all that jazz. Big Phil. Some man for one man.No doubt, the Wexford newspapers will beat a similar drum this week when it comes to Brendan Howlin, who had a word in the Health Minister’s ear about Wexford General.
Sure isn’t Brendan a great fella altogether too, the denizens of Slaneyside will surely proffer about ‘their’ Minister. Sure he never forgets his own.The ‘new politics’ which Fine Gael promised before the last election now rings as empty as the infamous clarion call of “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way”.For all the blather about local government reform, the most urgent reform Irish politics requires lies within the Houses of the Oireachtas.