Seaside town to come alive from July 3rd – 5th
The Promenade Festival team invite you to Tramore for The Promenade Festival 2015! You will be our very special guests for a weekend of great family fun. We have put together a broad programme of free attractions and events so get started, explore and discover! We really hope you have a whale of a time while you’re in Tramore!
Tramore is a great place and we’re very proud of it. The festival is an initiative of the Tramore Chamber of Tourism and Commerce and this year we have partnered with Waterford City & County Council and have brought some major sponsors on board. Our plan is that The Promenade Festival will be a major national and international attraction.
We’re delighted to be hosting Tramore’s first ever airshow and intend that this will be an annual event. The of course there’s Magic Street, Puppet Street, The Tramore Zoo, The Sea Vintage Fair, Outdoor Wrestling, The Denny Family Fun Zone, International Sand Artists and lots, lots more! So much to do and all weekend to do it!
We have live music too with The Sunshine Stage, The Summer Ball, The 4th of July Music Trail and The Artists Club. This year we are delighted to be brining 16 international artists from as far as California.
We will be paying tribute to the great work carried out by our emergency services and this will remain as one of the main principles of the festival. We strongly encourage participation from thr local community in Tramore and Waterford. Over 150 volunteers will be involved during the festival this year. Spread the word and please support the festival by buying our postcards. Get out there and have a ball!
Message from An Taoiseach
This year’s Promenade Festival features a rich and diverse programme of events, including a very exciting arts and entertainment programme with dozens of wonderful free attractions for all the family.
Events such as the Promenade Festival make a vital contribution to the Irish Tourism industry, adding colour and vibrancy to Ireland’s towns and villages and offering visitors from at home and abroad the chance to experience a real taste of local culture. Festivals such as this also afford us a great opportunity to extend our unique Irish welcome and to showcase all that is best about our country.
As well as providing entertainment, festivals such as this also harness Ireland’s enormous social capital as volunteers and local communities pull together to showcase what is best in their locality.
I would like to finish by congratulating members of the Tramore Chamber of Tourism and Commerce for all their hard work in this regard. Because the success of this festival really is testament to the dedication of the committee, I strongly commend their enthusiasm and hope that the Promenade Festival 2015 will prove to be an outstanding success.
Very best wishes,
Enda Kenny T.D.
An Taoiseach
The Promenade Airshow
Don’t miss Ireland’s top stunt pilots and planes performing over Tramore Bay on Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm. See the cool James Bond plane, the Flying Cow and the absolute ultimate aerobatic machine, the amazing Russian Sukhoi 26. Don’t miss out, get in position early.
The Puppet Zone
Punch and Judy hosted by Ding and Dong
This show is a unique (Dublin) adaptation of ‘Punch and Judy’ A very naughty Mr. Punch is left with the task of minding the house while Judy gets busy with other important chores. Mr. Punch’s inability to take on the simplest of chores leads to hilarious consequences involving the Gardai! A must see for all the family.
Badger’s Birthday hosted by Ding and Dong
As the forest animals get ready for the big party, trouble comes lurking in the guise of Meanie Mona who pinches Badger’s birthday present setting off chaos amongst the forest folk. After some detective work and help from the audience an unlikely hero comes to the surface.
The Sunflower Show
The Sunflower Show is a quirky piece of street theatre using suitcase puppetry. A gardener opens the lid of her wheelbarrow to reveal a world where seeds grow into the most extraordinary plants and battle with slugs and other mischievous garden pests for survival.
The Celtic Blondes
The Celtic Blondes will be performing at the opening ceremony on Friday night and at The Summer Ball afterwards. “We, the Celtic Blondes, are a traditional Irish dance act with a contemporary twist. We are absolutely delighted and honoured to be a part of this year’s Promenade Festival.”
Festival Postcards
When was the last time you sent a postcard? Support the festival by buying our festival postcard. Post it home to let others know how much fun you had! Keep an eye out for our postcards on sale over the weekend.
Radio Progamme
In association with TCR FM, we will be broadcasting throughout the town during the festival on our extensive Tannoy system. This dedicated festival station will give you all the latest updates live along with plenty of soothing seaside sounds. The brainchild of Donol O’Flynn with thanks to all at Tramore Community Radio.
The Tramore Zoo
The National Reptile Zoo presents it’s Pop-Up Zoo where you can get up close and personal with some of their scaly friends. Have you ever touched a python or looked a ‘dragon’ in the eye? Well this is your chance. With 7 glass exhibits and an Animal Encounter Zone. Entertaining AND Educational!
The Animal Roadshow
Come and meet snakes, lizards, owls, chinchillas, hedgehogs and more. Loads of photo opportunities and friendly staff to answer any questions. Educational fun (shh don’t tell the kids!)
Sea Vintage Fair
The ‘Sea Vintage Fair’ a visually stunning extravaganza reliving a bygone era with a touch of drama and nostalgia with fellow vintage enthusiasts and vendors. Join in the fun at our own antiques road show and auction. Family friendly fun, with music, fancy dress and a picnic area. Fair play, I say old boy!
Waterford and Tramore Racecourse
Over the weekend visit the Racecourse stand at the Hydro Field where the kids can dress like jockeys and play some racing games with two legged and four legged legends! They will also be displaying memorabilia from Tramore’s glorious horse racing heritage.
Repurposing and Pizza’s by Gary Dalton
Gary Dalton of Ecoworks provides training in Energy and Sustainability. Gary will host a number of talks and demonstrations on topics including repurposing pallets for furniture to outdoor clay oven cooking. Try one of his Pizza’s at the Sea Vintage Fair.
The Railroad Welcome Zone
Mother of Pearl Vintage Tea Party
Visit the Vintage Victorian tea party at the Old Train Station. Step back in time, listen to some beautiful live music while drinking tea from Mother of Pearls finest china cups. All are welcome.
Barrack Street Band
The legendary Barrack Street band will be playing their beautiful music beside the Old Railway Station. Stop by for some summer fun, a cuppa and perhaps a good dance on Saturday the 4th of July!
Lady Longbottom and Madame Bloomers
This year Lady Longbottom has teamed up with her cousin Madame Bloomers to bring you double the fun and old world charm. Look out for these exquisitely costumed vintage ladies who will delight both young and old audiences with their interactive stilt walking performance.
The Polish Village
Experience Polish culture and traditions. Be enchanted by their authentic foods, delicious cheesecakes, sweets and refreshments, jewellery, fashion and delightful arts and crafts. Located next to the Old Railway Station.
International Sand Artists
This year three internationally renowned sand artists join us at the festival to create massive images with their rakes on Tramore’s 3km long golden sands. Low tide is at about 1.30pm each day so you will have plenty of time to see the fleeting artworks before the tide claims them to the sea.
Andres Amador is a native of San Francisco and has been raking enormous images in the sand around the world for over 10 years. His inspirations include ancient geometric designs, modern art, and nature. We will be inviting the public to collaborate on his artworks during the festival.
Andy Coutanche is based in Jersey and is influenced by Maori designs. He has created sand art in New Zealand, France, Scotland, Bermuda, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. We’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with on his 2nd visit to the festival.
Sam Dougados comes from Biarritz in France and has created drawings in the sand right across the world, from Morocco to Bermuda. He returns to Tramore again this year to try to capture nature’s fleeting, ephemeral beauty. We think he has his eye on the beach near Sand Dunes.
The Early Bird Attractions
Beach Ball Pool Party
Splashworld hosts a fantastic free event at their pool on both Saturday and Sunday morning from 11 to 12. Lots of fun with 100 Beach balls, waves, slides and more! Spaces are limited so please phone 051 390176 to book.
JUMP for JOY with Rebound Fitness
Try low impact Kangoo Jumps and Piloxing, where Pilates meets Boxing! These are fun, energetic and invigorating workshops. All are welcome, no experience necessary. Starting at 11.30am on the New Prom opposite Moe’s Cafe.
Yoga on the Beach
Join Tina Kiely on Tramore’s Golden Sand in a gentle and fun Yoga workshop. Give it a go, all are welcome and no experience is necessary. Tina is an experienced and passionate teacher of yoga from an Alexander Technique perspective. Each workshop will take place on the beach opposite T-Bay surf school, times TBC.
Stone Circle with The Art Hand
Take part in a collaborative environmental art project to create a giant stone circle on the beach with The Art Hand on Saturday and Sunday morning from 11 to 12 opposite T-Bay surf school. All are welcome. The Art Hand is an art school based on The Copper Coast that runs exciting workshops for kids and adults at it’s premises and in schools around the country.
Tramore Surf Rodeo
Calling all Surfers…Take part in the Tramore Surf Rodeo. Take on the T-Bays waves and see who can stay on the longest! It’s a family fun event in association with Irelands oldest active surf club. Don’t forget your Cowboy Hat! Departing T-Bay Surf Club on Saturday at 11am.
Storytelling Workshop with Derbhile Graham
Free Seaside Storytelling Workshop for 8-12 year olds. Learn to Tell a Story. Saturday at The Coastguard Station and Sunday at The Boat Slip, 11am-12noon each day. To book, call Derbhile on 087 6959799
Disney Magic
Ignite Productions brings you a free Disney Magic Workshop for kids aged 6 to 12. Learn and perform Disney songs and dances including, of course, a couple from Frozen! Saturday and Sunday morning from 11 to 12.30. Venue TBC. Booking on 086 9408998.
The Sunshine Stage by Klub Muzik
Klub Muzik presents The Sunshine Stage at The Holiday Shops with live music and performances throughout the day by up and coming acts. Tramore based Klub Muzik teaches children and adults a wide range of musical instruments as well as vocals, art and drama. Check for further details.
The Sea Gardener meets Freedom Surf School
Celebrate what the ocean has to offer…Chill out with us at the Boat Slip and make a Seaweed Smoothie with the help of a bicycle! Lots of kids fun and activities. Prizes and surprises await!
Bunting, Props and Photo Booths
Watch out for the wonderful bunting and props created by the learners and staff of Tramore Adult Education Centre. Get your photo taken in one of their nostalgic photo booths!
Moby Dooly
Meet Moby Dooly, a 30 foot Whale who gets up to all kinds of antics as he tries to catch a fish on the Prom. Perhaps he should have gone for Dooly’s Famous Fresh Fish and Chips instead!
Refreshments and Chill Zone at Moe’s Cafe
The opening ceremony on Friday is proudly supported by Moe’s Cafe who will be serving free refreshments to the public at their premises after the official launch. All are welcome. Join the festival cast and crew after the main events on Saturday and Sunday from 6pm to 8pm as they chill on the New Prom. Relax and unwind to the soothing sounds of their outdoor DJ’s and a few surprises too!
Rude Nudes on the Railings by Kiki Roosli
You’ve herd of vicious cows and crazy cluckin hens?! Tramore-based artist, Kiki Roosli has mooved on from udders and beaks and is now breaking down complex subjects to strip bare men, women and animals alike. Get to grips with her rude nudes on the Amusement Park Railings on the Prom and at
Rory Thompson
Rory Thompson is a Tramore based artist who has worked in Film, TV and Theatre. Watch out for a Mural that he will be creating during the festival somewhere in the town. His paintings will also be displayed on the Amusement Park Railings on the Prom.
Paul ‘Phelo’ Phelan
Paul ‘Phelo’ Phelan creates a wide range of surf art and graffiti style ocean scenes. Watch out for him, he will be collaborating with other artists during the festival. Check out his work at
Don’t miss out on the IWW Superstars as they do battle in the squared circle on the Beach! Exciting, high flying, hard hitting, breathtaking entertainment for the whole family. Located opposite T-Bay surf school.
Boggle Circus Workshops
Become part of the circus for the day by joining in with Boggle’s Circus Skills Workshop! Whether you are 3 years old or 103 you can come and try your hand at plate spinning, juggling, diabolo, stilt walking and even unicycle riding!
Batman and the Joker
Watch out! Batman and The Joker will be appearing! Will Batman catch the Joker at his tricks? Where will they be? Amongst the crowds? Who knows. Keep alert!
The Wobbly Bikers
Watch your back! The Wobbly Circus Bikers have been unleashed on the streets! No one is safe from this pair of roving clowns. Expect honking horns, squealing tyres, juggling tricks, electro swing sounds and most of all expect the unexpected!
The Stan Ratchet Show
Stan Ratchet combines slapstick comedy and old school clowning with a high level of circus skills. Suitcases get stuck in mid air and all sorts of things fly around him including hats, balls and even bicycle wheels! Watch out for him as he juggles his way around the town.
Monsieur Gusto
Monsieur Gusto is a very stylish juggler. Whether it’s throwing his juggling clubs behind his back, or balancing them on his nose, or juggling them with his dangerously fancy shoes (yes they’re very fancy shoes), he’s got it covered! Watch out for him around the town.
The Welsh Crew
Last year 6 performers and artists from Wales took part in the festival. This year thanks to the support of Bus Éireann we bring you a 12 strong crew led by renowned Welsh artist Cheryl Beer.
Cheryl Beer and her Tibetan Singing Bowls
Cheryl will be roaming the streets of Tramore looking for likely contributors to poems and songs and soothing the public with her Tibetan singing bowls. She is an Award Winning Singer, Song-writer, Author and Director.
Ron Savory.
Drummers Are Like Antibiotics! That’s according to the Singer, Song-writer and Poet Ron Savory who will be performing at the festival this year. His musical projects include a Pink Floyd tribute band and touring with “The Empty Shed Experience”.
Graffiti Art and Workshops with Lloyd Roberts
Lloyd created a lasting legacy of the festival last year. Where in Tramore will he revive this year? Find out on the day and give it a go! Lloyd has been painting walls, vehicles and all manner of things across the UK and further afield since the 90’s.
Performer, Poet and Writer Dominic Williams
Dominic will be performing Poetry and Spoken Word during the festival. He is the co-founder of the Wales Ireland Spoken-word and Poetry Alliance (WISPA) and of write4word.
The Pop Up Bards with Sam Collins
Tease out your uninhibited creative genius through song, dance and poetry with Celtic Creative Artist Sam Collins. She will facilitate Pop Up Bardic Gatherings with festival goers as the performers.
The Ribbon Dance with Fiona Winter
Move mindfully with fun. Find your own magical connection to the music. De-stress and re-energise, whatever your age. Fiona is a movement facilitator with over 30 year’s experience of working in the community.
Storytelling with Amanda Rackstraw
Watch out for Amanda and her magically woven tales. She could pop up when you least expect it. Amanda’s career began in a seaside show and continued in musical theatre and cabaret. She trained at RADA.
Mab Jones Spoken word poetry
Mab is a daring wordsmith with cool wit and wisdom. Resident Poet at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Spectacles wearer. Lover of earrings. “A superb performance poet” and “a unique talent” – The Times.
Songs and Stories with Anne Lister
Novelist, Singer, Song-writer Anne Lister will be performing her songs and interactive stories inspired by traditional tales and myths. Anne has been writing and singing her songs and telling stories for as long as she can remember.
Bob Edwards and his Banjo
Watch out for Bob’s walk about Welsh Celtic Story Characters with slightly humorous songs accompanied by chorded zither and banjo. Bob has done a lot of amateur dramatics, and still enjoys dressing up!
Actor Mark Montinaro
Mark will be performing his own poetry and prose in addition to the stories and verse of Dylan Thomas. “Often silly, sometimes serious, always pretentious!” (His Mum).
Love and Loss and Hope with Paul Edwards
Paul regards himself as a songwriter who sings his own work with the intimacy that only the writer can. Paul’s songs contain hummable melodies with heartfelt lyrics that tell of love, loss and hope.
Visit The Lafcadio Hearn Gardens
The newly opened Lafcadio Hearn Gardens in Tramore are a unique and beautiful attraction for all garden lovers. Created in the style of a Japanese Strolling Garden, the layout reflects the life journey of Irish writer, Lafcadio Hearn who became Japan’s most famous Irishman. For details please visit their website.
Coastal Heritage Walk
A family event in association with Irish Wildlife Trust and Coast Watch that will offer a unique opportunity to discover Tramore’s rich and diverse coastline. You may even meet some of its aquatic life up close. Walk guided by Grace O’Sullivan (Ecologist) and Alan Walshe of Coast Watch. Departing from the Boat Slip on Sunday at 3pm.
Jonathan Clark
US film-maker, photographer and aerial cinematographer Jonathan Clarke has shot all over the world. His work has appeared in Lonely Planet and National Geographic. We’re delighted that he will be documenting the festival this year.
We want your photos!
Please help us to capture the festival and Tramore in all its glory by forwarding your best photos to our artistic director Sean Corcoran. Prizes will be sent to our favourite contributors. Sean’s email is

Free Parking will be available at the Racecourse and the Lower Prom Car Park. Parking restrictions and road closures will be in operation in the town. No Parking will be available on The Promenade. Please Walk, Cycle, Car Pool or use Bus Eireann.
Denny announced as Prom Fest sponsor
Denny, Ireland’s most loved meats brand has officially announced that it will be the leading sponsor of the Promenade Festival Tramore which is taking place from July 3rd – 5th, 2015. In its second year, the festival is set to be even bigger and better with a host of family activities, events and attractions. The decision by Denny to Sponsor the Promenade Festival Tramore was an easy one as the brand’s founder, Henry Denny started trading as a provisions merchant in Waterford in 1820. By the time he died in 1905 Edward Denny was one of the most powerful men in the international meat industry. A defining moment in the brand’s history arrived in 1933 at an International food fair in Manchester. Denny was awarded a gold medal for making the finest sausages, which is now in the Waterford Museum of Treasures. This accolade gave birth to the Denny Gold Medal brand. Denny is the number 1 brand in Ireland in sausages, rashers and cooked meats. The extended portfolio includes the firm household favourites Denny Deli Style 100% Natural Ingredients Ham and Denny Gold Medal Sausages. At this year’s festival Denny are set to create the “Denny Family Zone” which will be located in the new All Aboard Inclusion Play Park in Tramore. As part of the programme of activities, Denny will be serving up a delicious Denny Deli Style Picnic on Saturday 4th of July and a Denny Gold Medal Big Breakfast on Sunday 5th of July. Further details on the full festival programme and entertainment at the Denny Family Zone will be available from June 1st on
Commenting on the sponsorship announcement, Mary Davis, Commercial Director, Promenade Festival said; “We are delighted that Denny have partnered with us on the festival. This is great news for Tramore and the festival. Denny instantly realised the potential when we pitched to them and we are working together to bring you something very special this summer for families”. Sarah Keenaghan, Marketing Manager, Kerry Foods continued; “We are delighted to be sponsoring the Promenade Festival in Tramore this year and we very much looking forward to taking over the Play Park and working with the festival organisers to programme some great family entertainment and fun activities across the weekend. We will be serving up a delicious and free Denny Deli Style Picnic to festival goers on the Saturday and a Denny Gold Medal breakfast on the Sunday of the festival. The partnership between Denny and the Promenade Festival is hugely important to us as the founder of our brand, Henry Denny started his business in Waterford in the 1800’s and was laid to rest in the area so we are intrinsically linked to Tramore”. For more on Denny visit or For more on the Promenade Festival visit