An urgent call has been issued by the National Consumer Agency (NCA) regarding 141 gas cookers sold in Waterford which have the potential to poison users should their grill doors be closed while grilling.
The NCA stated that certain New World, Flavel, Leisure and Beko cookers “can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if not used in accordance with the user instructions and the grill door is closed when the grill is in operation”.
The Authority has identified 7,500 cookers nationwide that have been adjudged dangerous “in certain circumstances” but, despite the efforts of the manufacturers, only 2,200 have been located as we go to press.
The problem in question was first identified towards the end of last year, with Waterford suppliers subsequently informing the NCA of the numbers of potentially problematic units they have sold.
“For specified makes and models of gas cooker, with a separate oven and grill, operating the grill with the grill door closed can cause extremely dangerous levels of carbon monoxide to be produced, which can cause serious injury or death,” a spokesperson said.
Once identified, the affected cookers can be adjusted by the manufacturer to eliminate the potential threat.
“There have been six deaths to date in the UK and Ireland linked to this issue and so we are putting a major push on finding the remaining 5,300 cookers,” said NCA Chief Executive Ann Fitzgerald.
“Despite the efforts of the manufacturers, including advertising, mail outs with Bord Gáis bills and direct liaison with retailers and consumers to locate these cookers and have adjustments made to make them safe, less than half have been located to date.”
Ms Fitzgerald added: “Given the serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the grill is operated while the door is closed, we are urgently calling on consumers to check their cookers today. 
“Anyone who might have one of these cookers should immediately contact the manufacturers to arrange for a modification to be made which is free of charge. It is essential that people do not use the cookers as heaters or for any other purpose than cooking. People who may have concerns can also contact the NCA for information.” 
The NCA is urging all consumers with gas cookers, including landlords and letting agents to call the following manufacturing numbers to arrange for a free modification:
New World: 1800-569-569
Beko, Flavel and Leisure: 1800-252-925
“Under no circumstances should one operate the grill with the grill door closed – it must always be in the open position,” said Ann Fitzgerald.   
“These appliances are designed for cooking purposes only and must not be used as a space heater or for any other purpose.”
Further information and contact details of the manufacturers can be found by calling 1890-432-432 or by logging onto