Without being associated with any Welsh psychopaths, the last six weeks have seen this column grow accustomed to the odd, unpredictable and literally deadly behaviour of a young guesthouse porter named Dan. It’s all been part of my preparation for my debut appearance on the boards of the delightful Brewery Lane Theatre in Carrick-on-Suir, less than a minute’s stroll from Ormonde Castle.
As for my character? Well, all I shall reveal of Dan is that’s he’s something of an actor, not of the thespian kind, mind you, but a troubled soul of contrasting moods and mannerisms, for whom life is occasionally a game and frequently tortuous. And I shall say no more than that!
From Saturday next (from 8.15pm) and through to the following Saturday, the theatre shall play host to ‘Night Must Fall’, written by Welsh playwright and actor Emlyn Williams. I must confess that, in my ignorance, I knew nothing at all about the esteemed Mr Williams when director Tom Nealon handed me my script – I kid you not, as I stepped off stage from ‘West Side Story’ at the nearby Strand Theatre!