FIFA's 'good name' has long since disappeared into the toxic sludge of corruption.

FIFA's 'good name' has long since disappeared into the toxic sludge of corruption.

Just weeks before last weekend’s stunning Sunday Times expose into Qatar’s World Cup bid, FIFA President Sepp Blatter had been muttering about what a mistake it was to award the 2022 Finals to the desert Emirate. Coincidence? Methinks not.

The 1000-plus deaths of construction workers on the stadia being built in the tiny mega-rich state should, in their own right, have been enough for football’s governing body to suck it up and cry a halt to this fiasco.

That’s right, over a thousand deaths. For what? To fulfil a ruling elite’s sporting wet dream at the expense of a single tradesman’s life was too high a price to pay.

That this tragic situation has been compounded by an expose of ‘Wikileaks’ proportions to the ‘ST’ proved two things to me this week. One: That there was never any logic in any way, shape or form to awarding the finals to Qatar and Two: That the printed media is far from a busted flush when it comes to weeding out corruption.

The extent to which former Qatari football chief Mohammed bin Hammam ‘swayed’ high-ranking football figures (influencing their voting powers come the designation of World Cup hosting rights) reduces the antics of ‘GUBU’ Ireland to a dodgy local raffle.

And while Bin Hammam may go down (even further) without taking anyone else with him, surely even a body as rotten as FIFA must see the light here, and strip Qatar of a tournament it should never have been awarded in the first place. That really would be “for the good of the game”.