PicA WATERFORD is the most indebted county in Ireland, startling new figures have revealed.  Average consumer debt in Waterford now stands at a shocking €30,225 – compared to just  €8,819 five years ago in 2008. The almost four fold increase, revealed through figures released  by the Sunday Independent, has placed Waterford at the top of the list of the most debt-laden  counties in Ireland. In the years since the end of the Celtic Tiger, average consumer debt  recorded in many counties has increased dramatically Towards the end of the Celtic Tiger era,  the average debt of 21 counties in Ireland was below the €3,000 mark. Almost half now have an  average debt of between €15,000 and €20,000, with Waterford saddled with an even greater  amount of debt. Cavan and Leitrim join Waterford as the most debt-laden counties with the  average debt of each county climbing to between €20,000 and €31,000.