Incidences of animal cruelty across Waterford city have alarmingly escalated in recent months according to the Waterford Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (WSPCA).
Speaking to The Munster Express, a visibly upset Patricia Edwards was commenting on the beating to death and subsequent hanging of a horse in the Farran Park area of the city.
The mare’s remains were located at virtually the same spot where a five-week-old foal was recently subjected to fatal wounds inflicted via a machete.
Prior to that at the same location, another terrified and tortured horse had had a leg sawn off, leaving vets with no alternative but to put down the animal.
“You couldn’t print what I think of the thugs who killed that poor mare; the absolute contempt that I have for them,” Ms Edwards said.
During an interview at the WSPCA office at Summerland Square in which she produced a litany of horrific, city-based animal injuries, Patricia Edwards’ anger was palpable.
“That poor mare was only three years old and hadn’t even been broken in,” she continued.
“Those responsible for this were seen by witnesses at the site. One of them had a baseball bat that was almost certainly used in beating the mare.
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