Waterford County Council has awarded contracts for large scale patching works on the national primary route between Waterford—Cork (N25) and the Dungarvan—Lismore Road (N72) to repair the extensive damage done to the road network in the county during severe weather last winter.

A contract has also been awarded for the replacement of porous asphalt on the N25 through Grange which has passed its life span and is showing signs of increased deterioration in structure, a meeting of the Council heard this month.

Director of Services Michael Quinn said the patching work was due to start in the next couple of weeks and would be completed by mid November. The first phase of the 2010 Strengthening Programme finished in early June and surface dressing had now been completed in all areas around the county.

The second phase of road strengthening would start immediately and some small strengthening schemes would be carried out from time to time during surface dressing.

Mayor refurbishment and surface work had been carried out on Fidown Bridge and junction realignments had been completed at Tinnahalla, Carrolls Cross and Darrigle in the Portlaw area as part of the 2010 low cost accident programme, revealed Mr Quinn.

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