“That is gouging in anyone’s eyes.”

– Sky rugby commentator Stuart Barnes’ inadvertent pun of the year in reaction to South African Shalk Burger’s backstreet optometrist impression on Lions winger Luke Fitzpatrick.


“You must remember that they have suffered severely in the employment situation. Hundreds of jobs were lost at Waterford Crystal while the situation with Dell in Limerick has directly and indirectly affected thousands of jobs. A lot of people working in those places are our hardcore fans.”

– Munster Council chairman Jimmy O’Gorman (Lismore) attempts to explain the 15,000 attendance at the Waterford-Limerick SHC replay, despite the game not being shown on television. Pity ’twasn’t the third rather than the first Lions test was on the same day… Or more to the point, why wasn’t it made a double-header with Clare-Tipp (20,000)?