Another meeting of Waterford City Council has passed and another series of questions about when the long-awaited works on the Old Tramore Road will commence have been fielded. And, as this report is penned, the diggers have yet to move in.
But Councillors Cha O’Neill, Seamus Ryan, David Cullinane and John Cummins have been assured by City Council Transportation Director Fergus Galvin that the contractor will be on site before the end of this week.
“We’re like lambs to the slaughter over this,” said an exasperated Cllr O’Neill at Monday’s meeting of Waterford City Council.
“We’re three years hearing about something being done on the road and it’s gone beyond embarrassing at this stage. Councillors are getting it in the neck over this and we’re sick of it at this stage.”
Mr Galvin said that contracts for the project had been signed last week but due to the contractor being “delayed slightly doing a job in Wexford,” the Old Tramore Road works had yet to commence.
“The eighth of August was the first date we were given (in terms of work commencing) and now we’re being told that the contractor had a job to do in Wexford?” stated a bemused Cllr O’Neill. “Residents don’t want to be hearing that.”
According to Cllr Seamus Ryan: “Residents, as well as those working in the area deserve a start date for these works.”
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