The controversial Google Street View, which was introduced into Ireland last week, has encountered wrath in Waterford. One Tramore resident, who was extremely unhappy with the image of their property, has succeeded in removing their premises from visibility on the site.
When searching online, the resident was frustrated and angry by the privacy infringement which was revealed.
The resident contacted Google, and received an email stating that “the report regarding an inappropriate image in Street View on Google Maps” had been received.
A second email confirmed that the image had been removed.
“This image has been removed from our service and will disappear within the next 24 hours”, it said.
The email apologised for inconvenience caused, and expressed appreciation at the patience with which the inquiry was dealt with.
A quick search by The Munster Express through Google Street View of areas around Waterford revealed many images which may be described as “privacy infringement”, including an elderly lady watering her garden flowers in her dressing gown.
The site allows users to view properties from different angles and to zoom in on certain images.
Anyone unhappy with the image of their property on the site should email