A €52,000 resurfacing job on a 2km stretch of the Waterford road out of Tramore proved a disaster because the wrong “mix” of materials was used, the local Town Council heard on Tuesday night.

The accusation came from Cllr Blaise Hannigan who expressed the hope that the same contractors would not be used again by the County Council.

But Town Clerk John O’Sullivan informed him that the job was done by the Council’s own staff. He said it was one of a number of similar projects and they all failed owing to a common problem. They would all have to be re-done, but that could not be undertaken until warmer weather arrived.

Cllr Ann Marie Power said the road could not be left until summer – it was a disgrace.

Cllr Lola O’Sullivan said that if private contractors were responsible they would be out every day trying to remedy the situation. She asked the Council’s Head of Roads be asked to address their next meeting.

Cllr Joe Conway said that last September the road was in good order; then it was resurfaced with diabolical consequences.

He said joggers and cyclists and pedestrians were in danger from pebbles propelled like bullets by passing cars.