Waterford could have a major EU and worldwide international food conference in the next year.
This could follow the city’s enormously successful Harvest Festival. Rhonda Smith of Slow Food UK says that Waterford is now really well positioned for such an initiative and could steal a march on other regional centres, as it now has a great name as a food location.
This could be a conference dedicated to food safety, an area where Ireland has put much emphasis, she added.
Waterford has the hotels and the infrastructure for the conference, said Michael Garland of Waterford Chamber.
Already the Green Party has held a conference here this year.
Donal Lehane one of the organisers of the Slow Food seminars held in conjunction with the Harvest Festival is supportive of such an initiative. He mentioned how the City Council had a very proactive approach for such events.
The new road access from Dublin airport, now just over ninety minutes away, makes Waterford very accessible, added Michael Garland of Waterford Chamber.