Waterford Right2Water are running transport to a national demonstration in Dublin on Saturday, February 20th and local organiser Tom Hogan is calling for a strong local turnout.
“The demonstration is another step in the pre-election campaign by Right2Water”, he told The Munster Express.
“Michael Noonan said the demonstrators had gone away back in November 2014 and Alan Kelly recently said that water charges have gone off the agenda too. Well, they may regret those arrogant statements in the very near future, because in this election, nobody’s seat is safe, and water charges will be a big issue.
“While this protest is about water, it’s also about much, much more. It’s about inequality, unfairness, cronyism and corruption. It’s about soaring poverty levels and mass emigration. It’s about deprivation and homelessness. Water has been a catalyst in the fight against austerity but people are crying out for a change in how our country is run and that will be visible on the streets of Dublin.”
The Dublin protest will assemble at the Garden of Remembrance at 2pm on February 20th. Buses will depart Waterford from outside the Forum in The Glen at 10am. To secure a seat please, contact the Unite Centre Keyser St, 051875438.