The Munster Express has been singled out for its positive reporting approach by City Mayor Mary Roche.
The First Citizen made her comments at the Munster Express/Dooley’s Hotel South East Heritage & Culture Awards (Q2 2010) presentation held at Dooley’s Hotel on Wednesday last.
“The Munster Express has made, for 150 years, and continues to make a very positive contribution to the life of both the city and the south east,” she said.
“As a newspaper, it has always treated its role in a very positive light, with none of the negativity that we sometimes associate with other media institutions.
“And I would see and associate The Munster Express very much as a partner in the development of the city and I would like to thank them and commend them for that.”
Meanwhile, Mayor Roche has called for “positive use” to be made of the derelict North Quay site ahead of next summer’s Tall Ships Festival.
She believes a park, including a series of sports courts and pitches or even additional city centre car parking would represent a reasonable, cost effective alternative when set against its current, decaying guise.
“Personally, I favour the sports courts, followed by the park,” she stated.
“One way or another, this would tidy the area up until some other use is found for them. It will be an awful shame if they are allowed to fall into further disrepair.
“If all parties were willing, the North Quays can and should be brought into use. There may even be a job or two in it.”
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