clampAccording to a city solicitor, there are a considerable number of people who have recently been clamped at Waterford train station that may be entitled to reclaim some, or all, of the fee charged to release their vehicle.
The Munster Express understands that between six to ten cars per day have recently been clamped at Plunkett Station, with the release fee costing €120.
Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems (NCPS) is the body responsible for the clamping at Plunkett Station, but according to the solicitor, who didn’t wish to be named, Irish Rail has shown no interest in working to resolve the matter.
One client of the solicitor initially sent a cheque for €50 as a rebate on the €120 fine issued, however this was rejected by NCPS.
After threatening to bring proceedings against NCPS and Irish Rail, the issue was eventually solved when it was appealed to the Independent Parking Appeals Service.
They found that the signs in the car park at Plunkett Station were defective and did not properly inform potential users of the consequences of not paying and displaying.
The Appeals Commissioner recommended that a full refund of the clamp release fee be paid.
Anybody seeking a refund of money can make the claim themselves, without the need to instruct a solicitor on their behalf.