N4S4Pic1 Ryan McCormack, the Tramore boy who travelled to the United States for a bone  marrow transplant last December, is now back at school in Fenor after responding  brilliantly to his treatment.
“I’m so, so happy,” his mother Caroline told The Munster Express, adding: “but I’m  remaining philosophical about this, and am taking things just one day at a time.”
Ryan, now aged seven and a half, along with his brother Ethan (five) were  diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a genetic disease that affects one in  18 000 people, mostly affecting boys and men.
Said Caroline: “Prior to the surgery, we were told that Ryan had just a 20 per cent chance of successfully responding to the transplant, but his bone marrow cell readings are incredibly positive, his body has responded brilliantly to the surgery and that he could return to school in Fenor has been absolutely fantastic.”
While Ryan has sight and hearing difficulties, Caroline said he’s a very happy boy, and is delighted to be back at school among his friends.
“Everyone in the school has been brilliant,” she added.