CALLS have been made for increased signage to distinguish local roads and townlands across County Waterford.
At the March Comeragh District meeting of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr John O’Leary (FF) called for proper signage which names various different townlands and asked if this could be achieved.
He said he had attended a community alert meeting recently where one lady had spoken of the great difficulty she has in informing people of where she lives.
He acknowledged that there would be a large cost involved, but suggested that this could become a long term policy.
Cllr M J O’Ryan (FF) sought information on the erection of ‘L’ road signs on local roads.
Meanwhile, he welcomed the power washing of large signs across the county – some of which he said were very dirty.
“They haven’t been power washed for ages,” he said.
Cllr O’Ryan said he was delighted to see council staff power washing such signage recently.
“It gives a good impression when you come into the county,” he said.
Senior Engineer Pat McCarthy said the council had a responsibility to ensure that the statutory road signs such as Stop, Yield etc. are all in place.
“We’re doing our best to put ‘L’ sings in place because of the importance of delineation of roads,” he said.
Mr McCarthy said he would revert to councillors with an update on the progress of the erection of ‘L’ signs across the county.
“In terms of putting up any further signs, there is a benefit and a risk,” he said.
Mr McCarthy highlighted the dangers of “information overload” for drivers, particularly at dangerous crossroads.