A LOCAL councillor has spoken of his surprise that he did not receive an invitation to attend a local St Patrick’s Day parade.
Speaking at the March Comeragh District meeting of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr John O’Leary (FF) said he did not receive any invitation to attend this year’s Portlaw St Patrick’s Day parade.
The parade was organised by a local committee which included Cllr Declan Clune (SF).
Cllr O’Leary said councillors were invited in 2015, but highlighted that he didn’t receive any invitation this year.
“It would be appropriate if Comeragh councillors were invited,” he said.
He noted that financial support had been provided by Waterford City & County Council for the Portlaw St Patrick’s Day parade.
He described it as “odd” that councillors didn’t receive any invitation and sought information on the protocol.
“Should we have been there or should we not?” he said.
“I would hate to think that the parade would be used for anything other than celebrating our national day. It shouldn’t be used in any political circumstances.”
Cathaoirleach of the Comeragh District Cllr Liam Brazil (FG) praised the Portlaw parade.
He said he was invited to attend the event as Cathaoirleach of the Comeragh District.
“I would think it is the committee themselves which has the right to ask people,” he said.
Cllr Brazil said it was very well organised and asked that the council write to organisers to thank them and congratulate them on their success.
He noted that the parade began last year after a lapse of 30 years.
Comeragh District Manager Fergus Galvin explained that Waterford City & County Council did not have a direct involvement in the Portlaw parade.
He said it was different to the parade Waterford city which is the main Waterford parade and in which Waterford City & County Council takes “pride of place”.
Mr Galvin said he would speak to the organisers, but pointed out that the parade was separate to the council and run by a voluntary group.