Not only are parents in Waterford anxious to reserve secondary school places for their children, they’re also going to great lengths to ensure primary school and pre-school places are available well in advance also.
Waiting lists are a norm for many primary schools, with some continually dealing with large numbers of applicants.
Mary Fitzgerald of St Saviour’s said there was a big demand at the Ballybeg school.
“Parents are always anxious to put down the names,” she said.
Ms Fitzgerald said there hadn’t been a significant increase this year for primary school places, but said that the early reservation of pre-school places was always popular.
“For our pre-school places, we have the mothers almost coming in on the way home from the hospital,” she said.
She added that they were lucky they could cater for the demand.
“We’re in the lucky position that we have lots of facilities,” she said.
Ms Fitzgerald added that she expected next year’s demand for primary school places to be big, as the prospective pupils will be coming from a baby boom year.
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