There is a touch of cold and a touch of silence and vast tundra-like spaces in some of Ger Sweeney’s exhibition over two floors at Greyfriars Gallery. With a complex title of FRIEZE it suggests layers and depths of meaning.

Some of the work has a pretentious surface where art values are more like brush cleaning exercises and I could be crass and say that three Soundscapes did say a word, not even Paul Simon. Then AMBER LIGHTFALL catches your eye like a waterfall of white water and the most warm of amber tones and you remember the warm colours of winter and the sharpness of the light.

WINTER . . . A SILENCE, is a glorious grey layering of Sweeney at his beat. A primary trio of ENIGMA reward by a closer examination and the major attraction upstairs is ELEMENTS where this diptych (two panels) has a seasonal red panel and a strip of black that carries the eye into a cross hatching of small whiteish squares that have subtle variations in tone.