With a great new set of soul and blues songs Wael Shabo and Dave Ryan make a powerful duo. Marvyn Gaye’s “Father” is a track that gave Weal’s voice a good workout was an outstanding display of soul singing. Dave showed a new dimension to his vocals, with a fantastic version of the popular Snow patrol number, ‘Firelight’. Dave went to deliver a subtle, “coalminers daughter” with superior lead guitar from Wael.

Singer-songwriter Jean Kennedy delivered her set of clever songs with a passion that is all too rare these days. The sign of a good songwriter is that you can`t wait to hear the next line or the next song. With great vocals and gentle guitar work , ‘Half Way’ is a song to listen to again and again. She tells us ,she only has three chords,but something special happens when these three chords meet with, Jean/s well crafted Lyrics.A powerfull cover of Tom Baxter’s ‘Better’ brought out the goose pimples. A fantastic version of Queen’s “Show must go on” had Paddy O’Keefe at his best, its a brave man that covers any Freddie Mercury song.