Goitse, a new five-piece, loosely traditional band of students from the Traditional Music and Dance course at University of Limerick, opened the years Coffee Concerts at Christ Church Cathedral with such a happy sound, as they generated smiles all round with their infectious style of fast, frantic, urgent and very immediate music. Owing more to Celtic Rock, this acoustic performance, allowed there multi-talented young musicians to shine in the pale Spring sunshine as they were happy in their skins and happy playing out of their skins.

Such exuberance makes little of small tuning glitches and wild notes as this group share the joy, the deep well, of playing together and making common ground, within their own instruments excellence. The youngest James Harvey is a four times All Ireland banjo winner and three times a winner on mandolin. His open face radiates the love of music and the rapture of playing it. Anne McGeeney has toured on fiddle with Lord of the Dance and she sings a fair traditional tune as well.