Ellen Kent Productions have been bringing quality opera to Ireland for some time now and her presentation of Verdi’s La Traviata at Cork Opera House, was a glorious and memorable experience. Packed with big numbers full of hopes and dark despair and gloriously fine music played by a top Russian orchestra, you could luxuriate in a wonderful evening at the opera.

The lavish settings and impressive gowns and costumes told the classic story of doomed love for La Traviata (The Fallen Woman). The hedonistic lifestyle contrasted well the twists and turns of love versus family, land and obligation as the young Alfredo abandons home and family for the dubious but glorious love of a dying woman, who dies onstage from tuberculosis in the beautiful aria Gran Dio, Morir Si Giovane (O God, to die so young). Some might say it is a hackneyed old chestnut but in the presence of good singers and lyrical music it is a blast for the heart – a great big sigh of romantic love.

I was amazed at how slight the soprano Maria Tonina as Violetta was but when she sang it was heavenly and glorious. Equally, the tenor Alfredo was small in stature but when Ruslan Zinevych sang songs like De Miei Bollenti Spiriti (Wild my dream of ecstacy) or Un Di Felice (One day a rapture) or the famous Brindisi song (Libiamo ne) about drinking and dancing, he had indeed ethereal and splendid.

The scheming baritone Giorgio was in fine form as Petru Racovita delighted the audience with the sonority of Di Provenza.

Act 3 is a masterpiece as Violetta lies mortally ill in bed and the wonderful music echos the sad first act prelude. business loan services reviews, business loan store, business loan statistics, business loan solutions, business loan specialist, business loan terms, business loan to buy a business, business loan to start a business, business loan template, business loan tax deduction, business loan types, business loan to buy property, business loan term length, business loan td bank, business loan today, business loan using ein, business loan underwriting, business loan usaa, business loan uk, business loan us bank, GET THE BUSINESS FUNDING YOU NEED. BUY UNLIMITED MONEY TRANSFER FROM RUSSIAN HACKERS. INSTANT MONEY TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. OVER $10 MILLION business loan underwriting process, business loan unsecured, She senses death and sings Addio Del Passanto (Farewell to bright visions). Alfredo holds her in his arms and sings Parigi o cara (Beloved we shall fly).

Nicolae Dohotari conducted the Russian orchestra with style and detail. Night at the theatre, nights at the opera don’t get much better than this.