WLRfm have brought back the fun and successful comedy soap Murder Cove 2: The Italian Connection. Written by Robert Lanigan, we get to meet Doris Duffy (Eileen Colgan) and Kevin the surfer dude (Andrew Macklin) as they make plans to head off to Oz.

Lots of OMG and incredulous gasps as the plot thickens more than the neuvo patata soup. Fans will relish the return of Nick Kavanagh, Kieran Doyle, Michelle Glendon and the glorious temptress Nichola Beresford who was going to Spain but destiny has prevailed.

Listening to early episodes I loved Nick Kavanagh’s oozing Italian and by episode 3 there’s another dead body. Has Robert Lanigan got a poisoned pen or just a fun imagination to help people enjoy the three minute slots in a thriller that will run for eight weeks.

New faces or rather new voices are Peter and Connie Power who run a gossipy petrol station played by real life couple Tobie and Ann Hickey.

Expect splendid comedy from a dysfunctional Tidy Towns Committee and top actress Linda Gough joins Andrew Holden for a cracking good story with lots of twists and a story that will be difficult to solve this time. I think people will have a ball this time and I for one will have the ears finely tuned for lines such as Red Square for John Roberts Square and where the Deise was the Car Stand.