Paddy Dwan, photographer, must have spent a lot of time outdoors, in some, at least, adverse conditions to capture the shots of birds in their natural habitat. This work on show at The Granary. Waterford Treasures is a must-see for its beautiful images of birds, many in full and majestic flight.

The title, Time Outside, is so apt, as you can sense, the boggy soil, the muddy drains, the grim gullies that Dwan must have lain in to catch these on the wing images.

From a beautiful blue, COMMON BLUE butterfly to a flotilla of Brent Geese over Tramore, to a splendid GREY HERON, rising up from a river, water dripping from its feet and its neck shadowed on a wing, down along a wall of photographs to the atmospheric BEECHES IN MIST.

Of the many very affordable photos on exhibit I loved, the detail of LADYBIRD and the mottled chest of a MISTLETRUSH.

Mark Roper, the poet, opened the exhibition and next year, Paddy Dwan and the poet intended bringing out a mixed media book of words and photographs.

Take a moment or many out of the seasonal hustle and conviviality and just stand in the gallery and admire the world outside in all its natural imagery.