For his second book of poetry, the popular poet, Fintan J. Power, has pinned his colours to the mast and expressed his deep love for his adoptive city with a really good local title – Waterford: This is where . . .

The attractive cover has shades of blue and shots of well-known landmarks. Although I think we missed an iconic chance to use the new bridge, the general uplifting positive tone of the work gives great hope for a future and a fine future in words.

Fintan is a co-founder of Compass Writers Group and this book is supported by an arts grant from Waterford City Council. The opening poem is a wonderful touch of magic realism in The Labyrinth, where a common enough rummage in a handbag opens into a clever turn of phrase. Many will recognise the sentiments expressed but not guess the outcome.

Then, The Dripping Tap, drums home the relentless unremitting lesson of time. The humour of the poet is well in evidence in a beautiful poem, The Child Within, as the poet lets his imagination run away like a demonic wheel.

A love of trees and the general fabric of our world is very evident in these poems and in The Oak Tree In My Life, there is a thoughtful summation:

With this I must be content and find

Peace in prayer, memories and writing.

Maritime images confirm the power and unpredictability of nature and the beautiful Four Brave Men is a dedication to the service to others even unto death.

The poet’s deep spirituality comes to the fore within these poems and the confessional note is revealing and heart-warming. Good Friday is a meditation on the place of spirituality in the world and as a most revealing conclusion Fintan J. Power includes a beautiful set of private and personal prayers that are in no way mawkish or strange.

The title poem puts his life in this city, in this community, in proper focus and here is a poet who does not obfuscate or tell it slant. He pins his future to this place and shares his doubts, fears and problems in an honest human way so that many will recognise a kindred spirit whose love of words and the beauty of words shines out in power and glory. This is where the poet is, this is where the poem is going.