MaryAs we slip into summer during these unusual times with changed routines, there is an abundance of online courses and resources available to keep us mentally challenged.   The Munster Bookshelf, is as always, delighted to share a varied selection of recommended reads for all ages. My first featured Author has written not one, but two series of children’s books that are perfect for bedtime reading, bringing the child and reader on magnificent adventures from the safety and comfort of home.

About the Author

Author Richard Shore lives in Waterford, and I absolutely love the inspiration behind Richard’s series of books. Richard moved to Co. Waterford from the UK with his family in 2009, wanting to fulfil a lifestyle for his children that involved outdoor life and being part of a close community.  Reading bedtime stories a special time with his children, Richard quoted, “What could be better than reading a story to your child? It makes them happy, and is a perfect end to a day.”

Richard set about creating two short story adventure series, one for his son, Will’s Wild Adventures and for his daughter a series called Hurrahtum Adventures. Richard initially wrote the books on his computer, printed them out and hand drew illustrations to bring the stories to life.  He then created a cover and bound them together for his children.

His children loved the books so much they told their friends, this led Richard to publishing the books through Amazon on e-readers.

Will’s Wild Adventures is based on a boy who lives in an amazing wilderness – surrounded by a crystal-clear flowing river, tall forest, and snow-capped mountains. When he is on an adventure, Will can get help from a special shed containing every tool you can think of.

So far, Will has helped a beaver family in trouble after a storm. He also discovers a dinosaur after an earthquake, and the latest book sees Will solve a spooky mystery at a mine, which is full of surprises.

Will’s Wild Adventures book series were inspired by Richard’s love of the outdoors and his interest in survival techniques, his love of building things and interest in Wildlife.  This gives a wealth of passion that developed a range of stories and adventures in the books.  The age range of these books is 3-7 years, making them perfect bedtime stories.  To purchase these books, visit,

Hurrahtum Adventures feature Lucy, a girl living by the sea, who has amazing adventures when she says a magic word – Hurrahtum! The word magically makes a cove and boat appear, which she has many exciting adventures with. They range from helping a surfer in trouble, creating a birthday present for a friend, and returning a lost seal to its family.

The latest yet to be published title, The Tangled Tuna, sees Lucy on her greatest adventure yet.  The story focuses on a relevant issue today – Ocean Debris, specifically ghost fishing (where nets no longer of use, are discarded from boats causing harm to ocean creatures). Ghost fishing nets also account for approximately 10 per cent of all ocean waste.

These books are not only filled with adventure but are educational, and Richard is currently in discussion with organisations who help with sea clean ups, to donate profits from The Tangled Tuna, which is a magnificent way of supporting a worthy cause.

Hurrahtum Adventures was inspired by Richard’s great passion of the sea, enjoying activities such as searching in Rock Pools, Surfing, Swimming and Sailing.  To purchase these books, visit,

May Recommended Reads

The Munster Bookshelf as always has a variety of Irish books that will interest every taste.  The first of these is Sally Cronin’s new release, Life’s Rich Tapestry.  Sally is a natural storyteller and this book is a lovely collection of verse, microfiction and short stories, exploring many aspects of our human nature. Her life experiences are depicted in her writing in a way that draws the reader in, transporting you into stories that leave a lasting impression.  Available at

Beyond the Breakwater by Catherine Foley: Released in 2018, Catherine along with her sister, has been reading chapters of this charming memoir daily on You Tube, since the start of Covid-19 stay home stay safe restrictions. Beyond the Breakwater tells the story of Catherine’s transition from childhood to adulthood, chronicling her family’s journey from Waterford City to the ‘Gaeltacht’ in 1970. Told in the first person, her stories are concerned with the passions, memories and experiences of a writer who is always mindful and mystified by the march of time. The book is also available to purchase


Have you a story to tell about the sea or your local river, lake or wetland? Local Authority Waters Programme are looking for your water-themed stories. These stories can be from the past or in the present, about the wildlife that lives or once lived in, or around a waterbody.  Stories about fishing, hunting or just watching nature. Your story can involve folklore, local traditions, humorous tales or yarns associated with a waterbody. Family prizes for over and under 18s, closing date is May 31st. For more information and to enter go to


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Don’t forget our fantastic Library service offers free membership, and is currently offering free e-books to download, along with a wide selection of free courses covering a variety of subjects.  There are some great courses for aspiring writers that I would highly recommend trying.

Many writers offer free e-books through Amazon as a way of promoting their books and getting them into the hands of readers, which is also worth checking out.  Take care and stay safe.v