It’s not really a term we are used to hearing, but a Foot Health Practitioner is a person qualified in looking after routine foot ailments. We are fully qualified in taking care of your nails, corns, callused skin as well carrying out ongoing treatment plans for ingrown toenails and fungal infections. We believe Foot Health Practitioners play a crucial part in people’s health. It goes without saying that our feet are our foundation and if they’re not feeling right, then neither are we.

At Step Right Foot Clinic we have two resident Foot Health Practitioners, Líadan Boland and Ruth Jones. They both trained and qualified together in Birmingham, making them a solid team from the beginning. With both ladies focused heavily on offering people solutions to better quality of life they are happy to treat and guide their clients with the clients best interest at heart.

Now more than ever cleanliness and hygiene is everyone’s priority and as Foot Health Practitioners we have been trained to the highest standard of safety and hygiene.

People often ask us why we have chosen to do what we do and the honest answer is that we feel great joy when someone arrives at our clinic hoping or limping in due to a pain in their feet and then leave nearly skipping and leaping with joy. That’s what it is about for us. The joy on our client’s faces at the end of their treatment. If you, or anyone you know regularly complains of pains in their feet, especially now that they have probably not been able to seek the help of a professional since lock-down began, guide them to our Step Right Foot Clinic right in the heart of Waterford City centre.

Call us on  089-2560354  or contact us through our website make an appointment! We are open for business by appointment only.