The Bank Holiday Sunday proved to be a busy time for the Dunmore East RNLI Lifeboat with three calls in under eight hours.

At 17.33 on Sunday afternoon, the Lifeboat launched under Coxswain Joefy Murphy to a yacht with one person on board that had experienced engine failure on approach to Dunmore East and was unable to make harbour under its own power. The yacht anchored off Dunmore east but was unhappy with the position close to rocks in the prevailing conditions and requested assistance. The Lifeboat assisted in recovering the anchor and towed the vessel safely into Dunmore East.

At 19.30 the Lifeboat was again tasked to go to the assistance of a 25ft power boat with seven persons on board which had also suffered engine failure in the Waterford Estuary, south of Duncannon. The Lifeboat launched under Coxswain Paul Daniels and took some of the passengers on board the lifeboat before taking the vessel in tow and bringing it safely into Dunmore East.

Then at 00.35 on Monday, the Coast Guard alerted the Launching Authority in Dunmore East about a person in a 16 ft motor boat missing in the Waterford Harbour area. A launch to search for the missing craft and person was authorised and the Dunmore East Lifeboat again put to sea under Coxswain Joefy Murphy to execute a search. The missing person and boat were located at Duncannon later in the night and the Lifeboat was released to return to base at Dunmore East. The Lifeboat was berthed at Dunmore East and was ready for service again at 02.35.